Art + Action

An initiative to educate, connect, inspire, challenge, and nurture Ogden’s creatives to build a community where creatives thrive.


The Challenge

To create a professional development series for Ogden’s creative community that provides educational opportunities to help them make a living as creative professionals.


The Story

Art+Action was formed in 2017 as an initiative between Ogden City Economic Development, Ogden City Arts, and Union Creative Agency funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Six Art+Action events were held in 2017 with two more held in spring of 2018. Union Creative Agency led Ogden City's Master Plan for Arts and Culture Initiative and was one of the founding contributors to the Nine Rails Creative District.Through both of these efforts, we facilitated countless conversations with the creative community to learn what local creatives want and need. Undoubtedly, the highest expressed need was business support and professional development. Art+Action was formed as a direct response to that need. After a successful first-year pilot, we decided to continue Art+Action with the help of local entrepreneur Bob Gruhler (Business Consulting Group) and a robust creative team that includes Susan Campbell (NEXT Ensemble), Cally Rhodes (Positeev Media), and Eleanor Thorp (Weber State University, intern). Collectively, the Art+Action team is working to build out Art+Action to maximize impact and effectiveness.



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